Guided Meditations for your Mind, Body and Soul

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  • Relaxation Break: Guided Meditation with Music
    Enjoy this meditation anytime you need a deeply relaxing break.
  • Body Awareness Meditation
    Recorded live with Mary’s guided meditation group. Helps integrate mind and body, bringing you into the present moment. Is calming, balancing and grounding.
  • Breath Awareness Meditation
    Enjoy this meditation for its soothing, calming effect. Once you become accustomed to this process, you can do it anytime on your own.
  • Stillness in the Breath Meditation
    Use this meditation to experience silence within. This is a more advanced meditation version of the Breath Awareness Meditation. You may need to work with the Breath Awareness Meditation before trying this one.
  • Simply Being
    Enjoy this meditation anytime you feel pressured, are struggling with something, or simply want to be more in the moment. Once you’ve meditated with this enough times, you’ll find you can do it on your own. Just come back to this episode for a “tune-up” if it isn’t easy anymore.
  • Music for Meditation & Relaxation
    In response to requests, this is a track of music alone. Use this while you do your own meditation or as a background as your work or relax. You can also use this music as a meditation by sitting or lying down with your eyes closed and easily focusing on the music. Your mind will wander from the music – that’s fine – just easily bring it back to the music.
  • Emotional Ease Guided Meditation
    This meditation will help the emotions flow more freely. You can listen to it to it when you feel rough or upset or simply to experience greater ease in life. By allowing the emotions to be fully felt, without resistance and without mental involvement, they are able to resolve and move through, rather than becoming “stuck”.
  • Going Deep Within
    Given the opportunity, it’s natural for the mind to settle down. This meditation will help you to become aware of this natural tendency and allow it to take you “deep within”. It’s a somewhat advanced meditation in that the awareness has to be settled enough to notice that natural inward movement. Using some of the other guided meditations can help prepare you for this one.
  • Relaxing into Healing
    This meditation is to help you take advantage of the natural process of healing that is going on within you all the time. (Read blog post on this podcast at Meditation Oasis).
  • Breath in the Heart
    A variation on the basic Breath Awareness Meditation, this meditation helps open the heart. This can be very soothing and awaken the energy of love. The focus on the heart can also bring about some emotional release and have a healing effect. This meditation may be useful for those who are grieving.
  • Grounding Meditation
    This body-centred meditation is especially helpful when you fell scattered or discombobulated. It is calming, brings your awareness into your body and anchors your energy into the earth.
  • Letting Go
    This meditation is designed to help you flow more easily with life. It involves letting go of resistance to what is naturally happening, as well as letting go of the attempt to manipulate what is happening. Letting go creates more ease in living.
  • Effortless Meditation
    True meditation is effortless, and yet we can’t become effortless through trying. This guided meditation is designed to help effortlessness happen.
  • Beyond Pain
    This meditation helps relieve the suffering that comes with pain. It brings about a state in which pain is transcended to reveal peace within.
  • Chakra Meditation
    Our attention is like a beam of energy.  When we direct our awareness to any area of the body, it is enlivened by that energy.  This very simple chakra meditation uses this principle to enhance and balance the flow of energy in the body.

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