When you make an appointment, you are automatically entered into a mutual agreement of the following terms. If you do not agree to the terms of booking please cancel your appointment no less than 24 hours before the appointment date to avoid any cost to yourselves.

  • Deposits may be taken for new clients and the amount will be taken off your bill after your therapy is complete on the day.
  • Missed appointments may be charged at the full rate of the appointment, unless at least 24 hours notice is given. Any deposits taken will not be refunded and will be included in the cost of your missed appointment.
  • There is no charge if your appointment is cancelled 24 hours or more before your booking, and any deposits will be refunded.
  • Please know that reminders are NOT provided unless specifically asked for. It is your responsibility to remember the booking you made. Most people have calendars and reminders on their mobile phones.
  • You may cancel your appointment with me by Text Message or WhatsApp, on 07840 651 838 or Facebook Messenger “Sandy.Cristel.Wytch.of.Lytchett” or by email sandy@sandycristel.com


Please know that I also run a wild bird rescue charity ( Wild Bird Rescue Dorset ).

My shop area has been replaced with holding cages for injured or poorly birds that may come in during the day in-between appointments.

I also bring my little cockatiel to work. Although these birds are NOT in the therapy room, I must insist that if you have any allergies to birds or feathers, then it is safer for your health and well being if you found an alternative therapist.

The last thing I ever want is to inadvertently cause any harm to anyone that may be allergic or sensitive to birds.

Thankfully, we haven’t encountered any issues so far, but that doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be a future problem.

Thank you for your attention. 🤗